The Series 200 machines are compact, semi-automatic, pneumatically operated volumetric (piston type) fillers for liquids, creams, pastes and other viscous products dispensed in smaller capacity applications. Volumes dispensed can range from 5 to 50 ml per cycle.

Its compact size makes it ideal for tabletop/benchtop operations for filling cosmetic and pharmaceutical products into tubes, pouches and other small containers. Integral cutoff eliminates drips and product waste while saving the expense of separate cutoff accessories.

Standard 1 1/2" diameter cylinder included with other sizes down to 1/2" diameter available.

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  • Interface mechanism to integrate with other equipment
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  • Available as a single or twin nozzle version (for small volumes).
  • Volume range 0.5ml to 50ml with 4 metering cylinder options.
  • Product supply to the filler via 5 litre conical hopper or suction hose.
  • Optional thermostatically controlled hopper heater for viscous products.
  • Compact design, pneumatic controls, foot switch or electrical initiation.
  • Range of nozzle tubes available with optional suck back design.
  • Can be set up as manual or fully automatic, with container indexing.
  • Bench mounted, or on a portable stainless steel stand.

Custom Solutions

At Hunter Filling Systems we have quickly realised that one size does not fit all. We know from years of experience that every customer has different requirements, so at Hunter Filling Systems we are equipped to address any application – even the most challenging which our competitors would stand clear of. 

Based on Hunter Filling Systems’ rock solid designs from our standard filling equipment, Hunter Filling Systems has the in house technical expertise to work with customers on a solution or offer ideas.  

Should you require a custom filling system solution give us a call or send us an unpackaged product sample, with the bags or containers for us to test and evaluate – no obligation.