Our high quality slat conveyors are designed for handling a wide variety of container types and sizes, and can be easily adapted to suit your application. They can be easily integrated into an existing production line or supplied as part of a Hunter Filling automatic filling line.


  • Variable speed drive
  • Fully adjustable guide rails
  • Available with food grade or stainless steel slat chain
  • Container gating equipment (indexing cylinders and no container / no fill sensor) available.

Custom Solutions

At Hunter Filling Systems we have quickly realised that one size does not fit all. We know from years of experience that every customer has different requirements, so at Hunter Filling Systems we are equipped to address any application – even the most challenging which our competitors would stand clear of. 

Based on Hunter Filling Systems’ rock solid designs from our standard filling equipment, Hunter Filling Systems has the in house technical expertise to work with customers on a solution or offer ideas.  

Should you require a custom filling system solution give us a call or send us an unpackaged product sample, with the bags or containers for us to test and evaluate – no obligation.