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Hunter Filling Systems specialise in the design and production of liquid filling systems and associated packaging equipment, for the New Zealand market as well as exporting to Australia, USA and south East Asia.  Simple to operate, easy to clean and uncomplicated to maintain, Hunter fillers provide a fast, accurate solution to meet your filling requirements.

Hunter Filling Systems provide a range of ancillary equipment, including sampling devices, cap tighteners, tub sealing and lidding machines, conveyors and container handling equipment for infeed and accumulation.

Specialists in custom filling machines to meet specific production or product requirements, with  60 years’ experience.

Hunter Filling Systems can also provide turnkey packing lines so you deal with one supplier co-ordinating the project.

The Hunter range of fillers have a reputation for standing the test of time.  This is credited to the Hunter Filling Systems team who have the expertise in designing and producing high quality fillers in a competitive market place, without compromise.

Hunter Filling Systems are also the New Zealand agent for USA based All-Fill Inc. Auger Fillers for powders, granules and dry products up to 25kg.


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Niall Fuller

Niall Fuller

Sales / Managing Director

Niall enjoys scuba diving, playing tennis and selling filling machines. With over 30 years’ experience as a qualified engineer and knowledge of filling technology, his passion and expertise has made him an industry leader.

Bruce Maunsell

Bruce Maunsell

Production Manager / Parts & Servicing

Bruce looks after the day to day running of the workshop, spares and servicing. With a wealth of experience in large production environments, Bruce heads the workshop team.

Dave King

Sales Engineer

Louis van Velthooven

Mechanical Design Engineer


Lexi Dixon


As Hunters in-house Draughtsperson Lexi is skilled at thinking outside the square to come up with a solution to all sorts of tricky designs.


Mel Mason

Mel Mason

Office Manager

Mel looks after all the administration and accounting at Hunter Filling Systems, from ordering the stationery to the financial reporting and everything in between.


The company was established in 1963 by Mr John Hunter to satisfy a life-long desire to operate his own engineering business.


Initially working from the garage of the family home Mr Hunter had built in the suburb of Fairfield, purchasing a Colchester lathe and other engineering equipment necessary for the manufacture of office furniture components which constituted the company’s first product line. The following year the original factory was built in Bryant Rd, Te Rapa with the assistance of Tom Honey, a good friend and neighbour who had helped with the construction of the Fairfield house.

Initially the factory was shared by two other businesses with which John Hunter had connections – CDF Manufacturers occupying the front third of the building and Hamilton Industrial Spray Painters the rear section. Frank Hunter joined the company at this time, having previously worked part time in the business during his apprenticeship and NZCE studies.

In 1967 the factory was sold and leased back to finance further development, and the business progressed steadily for a number of years, moving into general engineering work which included the manufacture of hydraulic engine (“Hunter”) hoists. This work also included a contract to manufacture filling machines for Plastic Products Ltd, an innovative company that wanted to offer equipment suitable for filling the plastic bottles they produced. Previously most bottles had been made of glass and were vacuum filled. Although volumetric filling technology was not new, there were no local manufacturers of suitable equipment of the type which was to become the company’s niche market.

Regrettably CDF Manufacturers fell on hard times and ceased to operate after a few years. By then John R Hunter Ltd needed extra space and was able to take over the front section to expand the business. About this time the company was expanding into production contracting and acquired the services of Arthur Riddell and Bruce Evemy as Office Manager and Works Foreman respectively. During this period it was purchased by an overseas company for which it was doing a significant amount of contract work.  It then subsequently entered a stagnant phase due to the parent company being taken over almost immediately by a larger international company that was not really interested in the small NZ backwater it had acquired. A management buy-out followed with John and Frank Hunter regaining control with the support of Bruce Evemy and Arthur Riddell as minor shareholders.

In 1984 Tech-Pack (NZ) Ltd was set up as a wholly owned subsidiary – with a view to expansion into the importation and marketing of packaging equipment not manufactured by John R Hunter Ltd.

From this point the business concentrated on developing its range of volumetric (liquid) filling machines and was fortunate in forging a link with an American company looking to expand its own range of (powder filling) equipment. The subsequent increase in business enabled the re-purchase of the factory in 1987 and the company enjoyed a reasonably prosperous period for the next few years.

The retirement of Arthur Riddell in 1990 saw a new phase with emphasis on exports and the importing arm (Tech-Pack) became effectively a local representative.

Following the death of his wife in 1986, John Hunter retired and moved to Auckland and set up his own consulting company which also operated as a local representative for a number of years until his move to Whangarei.

In 1995 the company purchased new premises on the corner of Norris Ave and Euclid Ave – only 400 metres down the road – and re-located to its previous address in early 1996.

Niall Fuller joined the company in January 1998 after returning from a world trip during which time he had gained some valuable overseas work experience. A graduate mechanical engineer, Niall had previously completed an apprenticeship in fitting, turning and machining together with NZCE (Mech) and was ideally qualified to take up the position of design engineer and before long, technical manager.

When Bruce Evemy retired in March 2004 Niall became Technical Director. This was a planned succession move, with a view to eventual control of the company.

A further planned succession move saw the retirement of Frank Hunter in June 2007 with Niall Fuller taking over as Managing Director, supported by Neil McConnell as Engineering Manager.

With the change of ownership came the subtle change of name to Hunter Filling Systems Limited as it is known today.

In August 2013 the company moved into a new purpose built manufacturing facility, four times bigger than the previous site.  This is to allow for expansion and new manufacturing machinery.

Currently around 50% of total sales are exported - mainly to the USA, Australia and South East Asia.